Maternity Coaching

Described by Radio 4 as the UK’s only bona fide parent coach, Sharon Charlton-Thomson has been a sought after maternity coach for 8 years.

  • Maternity coaching is highly effective at supporting women in business through the transition of woman to working mother. It helps retain, attract and build performance in maternity leavers and returners. Our maternity coaching programmes support women in business through the challenges that this transition can create, helping them to leave effectively and return with confidence and ease.
  • Fathers have long been the silent stakeholder in the working parent debate but no more. Our workshop Dads, what kind of father do you want to be examines the issues affecting all fathers at work. It guides dads at work through the sometimes daunting transition of man to father, from care free to responsibility. It acknowledges fathers as the silent partner in today’s work life debate and it encourages fathers to assess and choose what role they want to take in.
  • Managing Maternity Leave is another critical aspect of our maternity coaching offer. A workshop aimed at the managers of maternity leavers it is effective at helping managers manage maternity more positively and effectively.